by Walter Last

This amazing book covers all aspects of health care in 65 informative steps.

It is the updated version of Walter Last's famous, now out-of-print book...
"The Natural Way To Heal - 65 Ways to Create Superior Health"

Printed as three separate volumes consisting of...

◊ Book 1 - Parts 1 - 3 (164 A4 printed pages)

◊ Book 2 - Parts 4 -6 (157 A4 printed pages)

   ◊ Book 3 - Parts 7 - 10 (116 A4 printed pages)

Unfortunately printing costs have recently gone up.

It is now $178.97AU for the Complete Set - plus postage.


These books are printed as ordered in wire-bound A4 size for your convenience.
They are easy to read with clear print and diagrams and include Endnotes and Bibliography for referencing.

Read these genuine reviews from Amazon!

By AJC Long Beach, California, USA - 5 stars
This is not just another book with suggestions on how to improve your health. This is a teaching manual on how to change the way that you fuel your body, mind, and soul for a healthier, happier, more productive life. If you believe that the food and beverage industries, the vitamin and supplement companies, the traditional medical industry, and the FDA have your best interests at heart, think again. You need to quit listening to the corporations that are focused only on the bottom line, and take charge of your health and well being. The Natural Way t0 Heal is a great place to start! Read it, learn it, live it! Then read it again! And share it with family and friends!

By Aspirant (Southwest) 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Find, February 23, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is about: The Natural Way to Heal (Paperback)
I just received the last reasonably priced copy of this book and it is a wealth of information. I am very excited and grateful to have come across the work of Walter Last as I have several health issues that I am working on. This book clearly explains what is going on in the body and offers step-by-step instructions for regaining health. Also, if you don't want to pay the prices above, Walter Last offers the same information for free on-line at [...]. I've compared the on-line version with the book I have and it is the same material with updates. The book was published in 2004 so Mr. Last has added information - not in the book - at this website. Be well.

NOTE FYI: There is 1 new copy from the previous Hampton Road Press printing available on Amazon for $149.95; 2 used for $125.00 and even one new copy for $969.99! Since then much of the information in the book has been updated.

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