What these books are about... and why you should read them!

These comprehensive handbooks outline the Basic Rules to improve your health and overcome illness, or just to boost your general feeling of well-being and your energy levels.

Our enjoyment of life depends to a great extent on our state of health, and in today’s world where obesity and degenerative diseases are claiming millions of lives we all need to know the principles necessary to avoiding this common fate.

The “Heal Yourself” books are based on sound procedures aimed towards achieving better general health and overcoming disease. They are the culmination of many years of research into natural methods of healing.

Begin with "Towards Radiant Health" and get your body on the path to total wellness.

There are 7 books in the series, 6 of them dealing with specific diseases, while "Towards Radiant Health" provides important general information that is not repeated in the six other books. Therefore, read "Towards Radiant Health" in addition to the book about your specific disease.
The aim of these books is to provide information on using natural healing methods to improve health and overcome illness. The author or publisher cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease, or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.
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