Walter Last combines the training and work experience of Research Chemist Biochemist and Toxicologist with that of Practicing Nutritionist and Natural Therapist.

He was born and grew up in Germany and has held positions in medical institutions at the Universities of Greifswald, Cologne and Munich, working in research and toxicological investigations.
He was Chief Forensic Chemist at Cologne and worked at Bio-Science Laboratories in Los Angeles.

In 1970 he settled in New Zealand and dissatisfied with drug-based medicine practiced as a Natural Therapist. He has lived in Queensland since 1981 and has investigated and experimented with a wide range of natural therapies to improve the effectiveness of natural medicine in treating serious and medically incurable diseases.

Walter Last is the author of "Heal Yourself", "Healing Foods" and "The Natural Way To Heal - 65 Ways to Create Superior Health", and is the main contributor to the "Self Help Cancer Cure" book. He is a regular contributor to "Nexus" magazine and his latest books are the "Heal Yourself" Series. His website is at https://health-science-spirit.com/


Walter Last has spent almost 40 years researching health issues. His knowledge is based on sound scientific principals and up-to-date information on the causes and 'cures' of diseases, especially the number of metabolic illnesses which beset society today.

The author is constantly updating his articles and books as new research is carried out and new discoveries are made and his articles are regularly featured in NEXUS magazine worldwide as well as in various other publications.The main objective of these books is to increase each individual's knowledge of the functioning of their own bodies and the gradual transition to a more healthy state with the use of natural therapies. This is of benefit in helping to avoid various drugs, many of which merely 'mask' the illness.These methods have been proven to be extremely effective for a great many people.
Perseverance is the key.

Of course, this is not the path for everyone, as it takes dedication and patience. This is different to normal drugs which work almost instantly to relieve symptoms, but which do not necessarily cure. The aim is to bring the body and the immune system back to a state where a 'cure' follows as a natural consequence. Naturally, for any serious disease, or if you are unsure of a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.

Good luck with your efforts!

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The aim of these books is to provide information on using natural healing methods to improve health and overcome illness. The author or publisher cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease, or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.
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