by Walter Last

When I first started seeing patients as a side-line to writing my health books I found it easy to cure so-called "incurable" diseases".

I had never personally encountered some of these before. They were diseases such as lung and breast cancer, ovarian cysts, myasthenia gravis, diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthritis, haemochromatosis, and scleroderma. Usually the main therapy consisted of a diet of mainly fresh raw food, and sometimes a 3-week fast based solely on fresh raw food. In addition, I recommended a few basic remedies that varied according to the specific condition. Usually there were no complications. After about 3 weeks the professional golfer with myasthenia gravis could return to the golf course, and the chef with scleroderma could start cooking again.

As we see with animals in the wild, Nature's instinctive way for overcoming diseases is to fast. This greatly weakens any germs, stops inflammations which cause most of the distress, and eliminates or auto-digests the waste residues or tumours that cause the susceptibility to infection and disease in the first place.

However, increasingly I also encountered patients where my methods were proving to be ineffective. It became evident that the patients who had responded so well had come to me before undergoing damaging medical treatment, especially immunosuppressive drugs, radio/chemotherapy or neuro-drugs. The raw food cleanse does not, and can not, work effectively when patients are on drugs. For natural treatments to be successful these people needed to be gradually weaned off their drugs and to regain some vitality. Unfortunately, many were afraid to do this for fear of the frequent and highly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. It just did not work.

Furthermore, in recent decades an extensive supplement culture has developed. People are no longer interested in 'old-fashioned' fasting and cleaning out. They expect to buy a cleanse that they can use with minimal interruption to their daily routine, they do not realise that this is far less effective that a proper fast on fresh raw food.

Finally, during the last century the very nature of diseases has changed. Previously the main causes of our ailments were deficiencies, and the accumulation of cellular waste products - the stuff that mainly causes us to get old. But starting with WW2, and greatly accelerating in recent decades, the main cause of our diseases are now fungal-type microbes. They devastate the immune system and open the door for all kinds of other microbes and parasites to invade the body. There is hardly any major disease at present that is not linked to microbes and immune problems.

The main cause of this microbial invasion is the widespread use of antibiotics, without simultaneously using fungicides. This then leads to an overgrowth of the fungal form of Candida with Leaky Gut Syndrome, allergies, devastation of the immune system, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Cancer cells actually behave like fungi and have a fungal-type metabolism - tumours are like mushrooms.

Therefore, to reverse our diseases and restore our natural good health we need to restore the vitality of our immune system. We do this by eliminating the fungal-type microbial invasion of the body, as well as other pathogenic microbes and parasites, properly clean out cellular wastes that have accumulated over decades, and adopt a high-quality diet.

Because of changed disease patterns and social conditions, as well as the widespread use of medical drugs, it is often no longer appropriate to start with a long raw food fast. Therefore I have now developed a new program which can be used in all conditions, and with minimal interruption of social life and work obligations. I call this the Health Improvement Program or HIP.

For long-term health improvement it does not work just to use a few targeted methods or remedies to overcome health problems. Usually this brings only limited improvement, and even if successful, other problems may soon develop instead. Therefore, as a permanent solution, it is much better to treat specific health problems within the framework of an overall Health Improvement Program. Following such a program will gradually remove the common causes that render us susceptible to developing various ailments and most diseases can be expected to naturally fade away.

The HIP consists of the following major steps:

1. Nutrition: Adopt a high-quality diet

2. Intestinal Sanitation: Clean out & sanitize your intestines

3. Antimicrobial Therapy: Eliminate harmful microbes

4. Cleansing: Remove metabolic wastes and toxins

5. Healthy Living and reducing all kinds of pollution

6. Energy Healing: remove energy blockages and recharge yourself

7. Mind Tools: replace negative beliefs and emotions with positive ones

8. Healing groups: Form or join a health or healing group

I have explained this program in a basic form in my web article Health Improvement Program with many links to other web articles for more detailed information. However, this is a rather sprawling network of information, so I have now put together a condensed and updated version of the HIP in the form of an eBook and also a printed wire-bound book of about 140 pages. In the Heal Yourself Series it replaces the old book with this version of TOWARDS RADIANT HEALTH. It will keep the same title, but with a greatly changed content. I strongly recommend to use this book in addition to any of my other web articles or books on specific diseases.

You can order this book from this website. It contains proven solutions for overcoming diseases, improving your health, and making your body disease resistant. Don’t get discouraged and overwhelmed by the task at hand. Building and maintaining health and wellness is a lifelong undertaking, becoming a way of life rather than a quick fix with remedies and supplements. The key to success is in being persistent and consistent.

Best wishes...Walter Last

The aim of these books is to provide information on using natural healing methods to improve health and overcome illness. The author or publisher cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease, or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.
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